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Start your classes

Once you enrol in to our preparation course you will be given
  1. Face to Face regular online classes
  2. Video recording of the classes
  3. Course preparation
  4. Topical Past-paper practice
  5. Access to the Student Resource centre
  6. Welcome pack

Steps for Student Enrollment

Step 1: Fill the Form and submit
Step 2: DM us
Step 3: Take a Trial class
Step 4: Confirm subjects & Timings
Step 5: Pay the Fee
Step 6: Join online Face to Face classes
Step 7: Access to Resource center
Step 8: Added to the Study Group
Step 9: Welcome pack is delivered to you

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Student Registration Form

Choose the Subjects

Thank you for enrolling in the Academy, our admissions team will contact you to discuss your class schedule and Fee payment

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